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HB 1304 — Many Juvenile Topics — Committee Hearing January 28, 2015

HB 1304 is a significant bill in terms of juvenile law this legislative session.  It includes many of the suggested changes from the Interim Study Committee on Criminal Code and Corrections, including: Modifying IC 5-2-6-24 to require the Criminal Justice Institute to … Continue reading

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Hopes for the New Year 2015

As the new year begins, here are the hopes for 2015: That anti-shackling legislation continues to spread around the country, including here in Indiana, which would allow detained children to appear without shackles during court hearings unless the judge has … Continue reading

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Interim Study Committee on Corrections and Criminal Code Recommendations for 2015 Legislative Session

The Interim Study Committee on Corrections and Criminal Code published the minutes from the October 6, 2014 meeting, which included several recommendations related to juvenile law: That legislation be filed in the next session requiring that the interrogation of juveniles … Continue reading

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What To Do About That Runaway — More Status Offender Resources

The Status Offense Reform Center (SORC) of the Vera Institute, in partnership with Models for Change, has published a series of tools to guide system change in how status offenders are addressed by the juvenile justice system.  There is also research … Continue reading

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Status Offenders — No Crime, No Time?

Should children who commit status offenses — failing to attend school, running away from home, being incorrigible, drinking alcohol, etc. — ever be removed from their homes and community, or be in the juvenile justice system at all?  Researchers and … Continue reading

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Status Offenders and Diversion from the Juvenile Justice System

On Tuesday, November 12, 2013, 4:00 p.m.- 5:00 p.m. EST, the National Juvenile Justice Network and the Coalition for Juvenile Justice will host a webinar: Better Responses to Youth Who Commit Status Offenses.  Register here. Topics will include: the forthcoming … Continue reading

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